Karl Shiflett To Undergo Surgery, Cancels 2019 Appearances

Apr 18 | Posted by: Bombplates


I'm sorry to inform all of you that you we've had to cancel the remainder of our show dates this year. I have been dealing with Dupuytren’s Contracture in my ring finger of my hand for several years now. The disease pulls the finger down toward the palm of the hand and makes every day chores very difficult. Up until now it has not hindered me from playing guitar but the condition is now at the stage that surgery is needed to straighten the finger. Not knowing how long it will take to recover I decided it would be best to allow several months for healing. My plans are to be off the road for the remainder of the 2019 festival season. As with any surgery there are risks involved and It will be a kind of wait and see approach to see if the corrective surgery will allow me to resume playing guitar and return to touring. Your thoughts and prayers will be greatly appreciated over the next few months.

- Karl Shiflett

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