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Among the most beloved and respected entertainers in the music industry today, The Karl Shiflett & Big Country Show continues to keep the spirit of the past alive with their 'Old School' delivery of Vintage Bluegrass and Classic Country Music.  "Real Country Music" as they like to put it.  Harnessing the synergy and raw edginess of Classic Country Acts of the 1940's and 50's they bring the best of the past to the present with an energized fusion of bluegrass, western swing, honky tonk and classic country music. Delivered in a fast paced, high energy stage show around a vintage RCA ribbon microphone their name has become synonymous with quality family entertainment.

Their latest recording project 'Sho Nuff Country' on Patuxent Music Records was released on November 1st. 2016. Graciously embraced by Country/alternative radio it received widespread airplay ending the month of November in the #1 spot on Airplay Direct's Top 50 Country/Alt.  Albums chart.  It received stellar reviews from both Bluegrass Unlimited and Bluegrass Today. The single from the project 'My Bucket's Got a Hole in It' made it's debut in March 2017 at # 20 on the Bluegrass Today Top 20 single charts and remained in regular rotation on Sirius/xm radio throughout the year of 2017.  The album peaked at  #7 on the Roots Music Report  Americana Country chart and remained in the charts (in various positions) through most of the year as well. At the end of 2017 the album placed at #37 in the Top 200 Americana Country Album charts for the year. All in all one of the band's most successful recordings in many years.

 As they enter their 25th year The Karl Shiflett & Big Country Show continues to make live appearances at select venues, concerts and festivals.They can be heard around the clock on Pandora (internet radio) and can be seen and heard on RFD-TV as occassional guest performers on the long running 'Cumberland Highlander's television program. 

For a down home, audience pleasing, good natured, toe tapping good time this is one band you don't want to miss. Check em out!



I'm sorry to inform all of you that you we've had to cancel the remainder of our show dates this year. I have been dealing with Dupuytren’s Contracture in my ring finger of my hand for several years now. The disease pulls the finger down toward the palm of the hand and makes every day chores very difficult. Up until now it has not hindered me from playing guitar but the condition is now at the stage that surgery is needed to straighten the finger. Not knowing how long it will take to recover I decided it would be best to allow several months for healing. My plans are to be off the road for the remainder of the 2019 festival season. As with any surgery there are risks involved and It will be a kind of wait and see approach to see if the corrective surgery will allow me to resume playing guitar and return to touring. Your thoughts and prayers will be greatly appreciated over the next few months.

- Karl Shiflett

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Karl Shiflett Featured on Front Cover of Bluegrass Unlimited!

Article By Bob Allen

When Karl Shiflett & Big Country Show commandeered the stage at an American Legion Hall in rural southern Maryland earlier this year, they immediately brought a wave of sunshine into a chilly and sullen April ...

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"GHS Strings are my string of choice. They give me the tone, volume and clarity like no other string on the market. They have never let me down."

- Karl Shiflett